06/17/2013 06:51 am ET

'The Client List' Finale: Riley Desperately Enacts A Plan To End The Threat Of The List (VIDEO)

It was a tense two-hour season finale for "The Client List." Riley was clearly unraveling from the stress of the client list being out. When she figured out that it was Nikki, she hoped that would be the end of things. Unfortunately, Carlyle got to it before Nikki could give it back to Riley.

So Riley had to get creative. It was a desperate ploy, but one that might just work. She pretended to be auditioning as a new stripper at Carlyle's strip club. Nikki lured Carlyle away so Riley wouldn't be recognized. She was then able to get into the safe and secure the client list -- and Carlyle's gun for good measure.

The next part of her plan was probably a little screwy -- do people really get away with burning down their businesses for the insurance money? That was her plan to get her and Georgia free and clear. She didn't count on Carlyle following and confronting her there. She got the fire started by burning the list and ran out the front as the building started to blaze up. There was no indication what happened to Carlyle.

Unfortunately, she ran out just as Evan and Kyle were pulling up. "I can explain," she said to close out the season. That's going to be one hell of a story.

At least it wasn't all bad news. Lacey and Dale found a young mother-to-be who agreed to let them adopt her baby. Then, she almost immediately gave birth to it and so they became instant parents. "“It's like [a] scene out of 'Indiana Jones' -- or, at least, the Angela Bassett driveway scene in 'Waiting to Exhale,'" wrote StyleBistro of that ending.

Now comes the agonizing wait to see if Lifetime picks up the show for a third season so everybody can see just how Riley plans to explain it all.

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