06/18/2013 07:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rescued Baby Raccoon Dog Makes The Cutest Shanghai Police Recruit (PHOTO)

Put your paws where we can see them!

This baby raccoon dog is the new police recruit patrolling the streets of Shanghai.

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raccoon police

A baby raccoon mistaken for a bear cub is rescued by a police officer, Shanghai, China - 08 Jun 2013

Metro News reports that police rescued the adorable prowler and took it into custody after a resident mistook it for a bear cub.

The "cub" had been wandering around a townhouse complex and looked lost, Shanghai Daily reported.

So Officer Li Wenyue, who responded to the call, gave the "cub" a shoebox home and a police uniform. But when Wenyue posted photos of her new furry recruit online, a forestry department worker notified her that it was not a bear cub, but in fact, a raccoon dog.

The adorable "officer" has since been handed over to the forestry department and will return to the wild when it's old enough.



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