06/18/2013 06:40 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2013

Howard Fineman: Michele Bachmann Has A Point On Syria (VIDEO)

HuffPost Media Group Editorial Director Howard Fineman didn't have kind words for Michele Bachmann when it came to her feud with Karl Rove, but he admitted that she's "got a point" in her recent criticism of the Obama administration's decision to arm Syrian rebels.

Bachmann told Laura Ingraham Tuesday that it's "insanity and madness for the American taxpayer to be paying to send arms to what will essentially be Al-Qaeda."

After initially describing Bachmann as "an item of curiosity in the museum of recent conservative political history" and saying she's not taken that seriously in the Republican Party, Fineman granted that Bachmann isn't totally off base when it comes to her Syria commentary.

"I'm slightly embarrassed to undercut everything I just said about her, but she's got a point there," Fineman said.

Watch Fineman describe the "paradox" Obama faces in deciding to arm the Syrian rebels and why he thinks Bachmann's point should not be dismissed out of hand in the video above.



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