06/18/2013 05:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tiny Chihuahua Puppies Survive Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath (PHOTOS)


By Liz Acosta, Dogster

If there's any question whether the human and dog bond is a real thing, just take a look at the recent storms in Oklahoma. Reunions of lost pets with upset owners is one thing, but it's another thing to see the toll the storms took on the animals who survived the tornadoes, proving that animals experience emotions similar to our own. They're more than "just dogs" -- they're creatures with feelings.

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This week's Monday Miracle are three little Chihuahua puppies born in the chaos of the Oklahoma tornadoes. They were born in the care of a breeder (okay, we know there are some issues there, but let's focus on the fact that these pups are in the world now and need just as much love and care as any other dog), but, upset by the storms, their mother killed one of her own puppies and rejected the remaining three. The breeder would have cared for the puppies himself, but while his home was not directly hit by the tornadoes, he sustained some damage, and did not have a safe place to provide the extensive care the puppies needed.

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chihuahuas survive oklahoma tornado

That's when Elizabeth Hart -- whose name you might recognize as the woman behind Emma the Cleft Palate Chihuahua and Oakley, the dog born without an anus -- stepped in.

The puppies came to Texas from Oklahoma a mere seven hours old, which means Hart has been bottle feeding them every couple of hours, providing what their mother would have naturally. It's no easy task and requires miraculous patience. Unfortunately, despite Hart's best efforts, one of the puppies "slipped quietly over the Rainbow Bridge." However, the remaining pups are now a month old and thriving -- adorably, might we add.

chihuahuas survive oklahoma tornado

Hart has a rigorous adoption process, and at the time of this posting, one of the puppies is already accounted for. We're sure the other one will find a good home as well.

These two tiny pups survived some of the most devastating storms in recent history, rejection from their mother, and their first fragile days, making them our Monday Miracle.

Follow Emma the Cleft Palate Chihuahua on Facebook to keep up to date on the puppies' progress, and check out the rest of our Monday Miracles here.

Photos via the Emma the Cleft Palate Chihuahua Facebook page



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