06/18/2013 05:51 pm ET

Miss USA: Erin Brady Opens Up About Parents' Divorce

Erin Brady, the former Miss Connecticut, was awarded the title of Miss USA on June 16 at a ceremony in Las Vegas. And in one of the promotional videos for the pageant, Brady touches on being a child of divorce.

"At 12 years old my parents divorced, which was a really difficult time for me," she said. "But I was the oldest of three girls so I was the role model for them, and I showed them we could get past all of the struggles that we had going through the divorce."

The Daily Mail reports that Brady's parents' divorce was "messy" and that her father struggled with alcoholism. So Brady took it upon herself to move out and pay for her college tuition, which she talks about in the "Road to the Crown" video.

"At 17 I decided the right thing for me to do would be 'let's move out,' and my sister was my roommate," she said. "And that was really challenging at times, but I was able to work two jobs and go to school and pay for everything."

Watch the full video above to learn more about the beauty queen's life, then click through the slideshow below to see what celebrities have had to say about their parents' divorces.

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