06/18/2013 10:57 am ET

Ryan Reynolds Drops 'Highlander' Reboot


Today in news about movies you forgot even existed: Ryan Reynolds has dropped plans to star in a remake of "Highlander." Reynolds was first attached to the film back in June of 2012.

This is just the latest blow to the "Highlander" remake: back in November of 2012, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left the "Highlander" remake after spending a year developing the project. According to Deadline.com, the split had to do with the fact that Fresnadillo had a different approach in mind for "Highlander" 2.0 than Summit Entertainment, the studio backing the film.

As TheWrap noted in its exclusive report about Reynolds' departure, that "Highlander" has a clean slate is "beneficial for the project, as a new director will be able to cast a new leading man rather than inherit a previous filmmaker's decision."

"Highlander" was first released in 1986 with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert as stars. The film focused on immortal swordsman who could only be killed via decapitation. (Connery played an Egyptian swordsman from Spain because of course he did.)

For more on Reynolds' departure, hit TheWrap.

[via TheWrap]

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