06/19/2013 04:43 pm ET

Clayton Senn, Man In Wheelchair, Hits Boy With Hammer At Grocery Store: Cops

An Albuquerque family was caught off guard at the grocery store Monday when they said a man in a wheelchair randomly smacked their son in the head with a hammer.

Clayton Senn was charged with aggravated assault and battery after the alleged attack on the 3-year-old, KOAT reported.

The child's stepfather told police that, after he saw Senn strike the child, he tried to attack Senn in defense of the boy. Bystanders held the stepfather back until police showed up.

Investigators are unsure of Senn's motive, noting that he refused to talk.

The victim suffered a fractured skull, but is expected to fully recover.

Senn allegedly swung the hammer at two other kids as well, but missed.

Senn has made headlines before. In 2012, he was stuck in the mud near the Rio Grande for three days before he was discovered by a group of high school students. He suffered massive frostbite below his knees, which ultimately led to him losing his feet, KOB reported.

He has a long history of assault arrests, according to KRQUE. In 2008, he was convicted of stabbing a man in the groin, and in 2012, he was arrested for punching a nurse inside a hospital. The second case has not yet been tried.