06/19/2013 09:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John Oliver Blasts GOP On Immigration Reform: 'Go Back To Where You Came From' (VIDEO)

John Oliver tore into the GOP's reluctance to pass immigration reform on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," taking issue with everything from their reasons for passing the legislation to their reasons for holding it up.

Lindsey Graham's admission that the GOP needed to pass the bill purely to gain favor in the Latino community may have seemed glib, but Oliver pointed out one undeniable fact: "It's how all historic, seismic changes have happened in America, with great reluctance." (Oliver also used that moment to break out his 100% perfect southern accent.)

Later, Oliver turned the tables on Republican Senator Jeff Sessions who complained that the language of the immigration bill was too complicated. "If I may borrow a page from your party's playbook, learn to speak the language or go back to where you came from."

But even if immigration reform passes the Senate it still faces the toughest challenge of all, the House of Representatives, also known as "a thousand foot-high border fence built out of ignorance and spite."

Watch part one (above) and part two (below) for Oliver's thorough take down, and, finally, part three (also below) for the most absurd thing you've ever seen: John Oliver trash-talking WWE-style alongside Mick Foley. If there was ever a question of why Oliver was chosen to fill in as host (and, really, was there?) this is the answer.



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