06/19/2013 04:36 pm ET

Vanessa Lachey: Baby's Sleep Schedule Is Secret To Work-Life Balance (VIDEO)

Vanessa Lachey and her husband, Nick, had their first baby -- a boy named Camden John -- last September. How has life changed for the new mom since then?

The actress and TV host, who co-stars in the upcoming show, "Dads," joined HuffPost Live host Caitlyn Becker and discussed how she handles work-life balance as a new mom.

Answering a video commenter's question, Lachey said the secret comes down to focusing on sleep. "I think for me, it was establishing a foundation of giving my son a sleep routine. That allows me to then manage the rest of my day."

Though there is clearly no shortage of baby sleep advice (and much of it is conflicting), Lachey picked two books to pull together a plan that works for her family -- Dr. Marc Weissbluth's Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and Gary Ezzo and Dr. Robert Bucknam's On Becoming Baby Wise. Camden has been sleeping through the night -- from 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. -- since he was six weeks old, and takes several naps during the day too. Lachey then uses the precious hours when the baby sleeps to work or spend time with her husband.

"If you establish a routine for your child, then your routine can be more manageable," she said. However, she does recognize that things -- like naptime -- don't always go according to plan. But when that happens, she said you just have to "go with the flow."

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