August Reiger Missing: Valedictorian Disappears While Hiking In Ecuador

An 18-year-old recent high school graduate from Oklahoma City vanished while on vacation with his family.

August Reiger went missing Sunday while hiking in Banos, Ecuador, according to

The site documents how Reiger disappeared:

August Reiger went ahead of the rest of the family. When they reached a pavilion at the top of the mountain, they did not see him, and he was not at the hotel when they returned.

"We stayed up there 10 or 15 minutes, and August wasn't around," Chris Reiger said during a phone interview with KWTV. "I thought he must have gone on. You couldn't get lost. There's only two trails. You can see the whole town … all you have to do is go down."

Reiger said authorities told him kidnappings are rare in the area, but they believe that may have been what happened.

"Their first plan is to make sure [August is] not somewhere on that mountain," Reiger told KWTV. "Then the next step is to think about kidnapping."

KOKH reports that Reiger was this year's valedictorian at Classen School of Advanced Studies.

"He has a full ride scholarship to [Oklahoma University], he's got a full life waiting for him in OKC," classmate Brodie Lockett said. "He was top of his class in everything."



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