06/20/2013 05:53 pm ET

Black And White Optical Illusion Dance Will Freak Your Eyes Out (VIDEO)

Just when you thought you could trust your eyes, this video had to come along.

Complete with a polka-rock soundtrack, this crazy optical illusion dance makes it nearly impossibly to keep the dancers' legs and bodies straight from one another.

In the video, a group of young girls clad in body-hugging black and white one pieces perform a trippy dance to the German folk-rock polka band Hiss, all well seemingly blending body parts into one another.

According to the Scientific American, it's not our fault our eyes keep falling for the illusion. The mind-bending visual is resilient to our greatest cognitive efforts to match the correct arms and legs with the correct bodies.

"Our visual system insists in grouping adjacent body parts by color (and congruent motion)," Scientific American wrote.

The video was originally uploaded on YouTube by the group, Renegade Roadhouse, a streaming sight for country, rock and pop music.

The group's site rhetorically asks, "Where can you find The Renegade Roadhouse? It's at the intersection of Bad Taste and Good Music!"



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