06/20/2013 05:27 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2013

Jake Carlson, Army Vet And Purple Heart Recipient, Receives Free Mobile Home From Patricia Thomas

Jake Carlson received a Purple Heart after a roadside bomb in Afghanistan injured his brain. This month the 22-year-old Army veteran got another tribute for his sacrifice -- a place of his own, thanks to the generosity of an acquaintance.

According to TV station KMBC, Patricia Thomas gave Carlson her mobile home in Edwardsville, Kan., free and clear. Appliances included.

"Here's the key and thank you for serving our country," she said in an impromptu ceremony this month, captured by the outlet. Thomas said her late husband served in the Persian Gulf War and that the plight of veterans was dear to her heart.

Carlson and his girlfriend, Sidni Sprenkle, have been busy fixing up the house, Sprenkle's mother, Vicki, told The Huffington Post on Thursday. They redid the kitchen and are now working on the bedroom.

The young vet owes nothing on the dwelling but must pay approximately $400 a month for the lot, she added.

Carlson, who had been staying with friends and the Sprenkles until he was given the gift of a home, welled with thanks in an interview with Fox 4: “I would be lost without people like this. It has really given me faith in society that there are people out there with a heart that are willing to extend their hand to somebody in need.”

Carlson recently got a warehouse job and plans to enroll in Johnson County Community College in the fall, Vicki Sprenkle said.