06/20/2013 01:46 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2013

Tom Wolfe's New Book, 'The Kindgom Of Speech', Will Be A Non-Fiction Look At Language, Evolution


Tom Wolfe's new book will be non-fiction, according to a tweet from Publishers Marketplace reporter Sarah Weinman:

The Millions reports that Wolfe has tackled this topic before, most notably in a 2006 lecture for the National Endowment for the Humanities. The choice is something of a surprise as his last stand-alone nonfiction book (not counting compilations of his magazine writing) was a narrative of modern architecture called From Bauhaus to Our House, published in 1981.

Wolfe will hope for better reviews from his next work than he received for his most recent novel Back to Blood, which received a critical mauling and, according to research by The Awl, may have cost publisher Little, Brown $112 per reader.