06/24/2013 02:35 pm ET

Jerry Seinfeld & Wale Collaborate For 'The Gifted,' 'Album About Nothing'

Washington D.C. rapper Wale is currently on a hot streak, having lined up a profile in the Washington Post and an extended chit-chat with RapRadar's Elliott Wilson this past weekend. But as Wale himself says, nothing can compete with the time he has spent with Jerry Seinfeld.

Wale has long counted "Seinfeld" as an inspiration and released "The Mixtape About Nothing" and followed it up with "More About Nothing" ("Seinfeld" is, of course, referred to as a "show about nothing"). Seinfeld is apparently impressed, and jumped into the studio with Wale to record some ad-libs for his upcoming album, "The Gifted."

Except not really: It seems that Seinfeld thought he was there to contribute to the "Album About Nothing," yet another of the ever-ambitious Wale's projects. Watch their humorous give and take in the video above. Seinfeld nails his bit in one take, because, really, how hard is it for Jerry Seinfeld to gab about nothing?



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