06/24/2013 01:30 pm ET

'Whodunnit?' Premiere: Fun Like 'Clue,' Or Totally Clueless? (VIDEO)

ABC’s new reality show “Whodunnit?” is like a murder-mystery party on crack: 13 contestants were invited to a mansion by a mystery host, and they’ll have to solve these fictional murders as they are killed off, one by one. In the end, one of them will win $250,000.

Of course, none of the contestants are really killed. They’re being fake-killed. But they’re taking this very seriously.

“There’s a body on the ground. It’s the scariest, grossest, most horrible thing I’ve ever seen ... and then we realize it’s Sheri,” Lindsey said.

Zap2It said the show is kind of a mess, writing that it features “a weird dichotomy of a fun and campy reality show paired with contestants who are acting like it's ‘real’ and it just doesn't gibe. It's also fairly distracting that most of the contestants seem like idiots -- wouldn't it be a lot more fun if the show was populated with some actual brainiacs? Maybe they'll get better as the show goes along.”

The Hollywood Reporter agreed it’s a decent premise, just poorly executed ... no pun intended ... which is sad, because this show comes from the same mind that created 'CSI.'"

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