06/25/2013 12:16 pm ET

Paula Deen Invited On 'The View' To Address Racism Allegations (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts invited disgraced celebrity chef Paula Deen to appear on "The View" on Monday.

Deen, who is being sued by a former employee for racial discrimination, was fired from The Food Network and dropped by a major brand after reports surfaced that she admitted to using the n-word. Deen bailed on her "Today" show interview last week and issued a series of public apologies via YouTube begging for forgiveness. She also specifically apologized to Matt Lauer for canceling the interview last minute, saying she was "physically unable" to attend. Deen will appear on Wednesday's "Today."

After discussing the controversy embroiling the celebrity chef, Goldberg took a moment to invite Deen onto the program.

"We wanted to invite Paula Deen to come on and talk to us," Goldberg said. "She will always get a fair hearing, we'll listen and hear what she has to say. And there are two black folks on our panel, so maybe we can help ease some stuff. We're here if you want to talk."

"There are some white folks on the panel too," Barbara Walters responded.

"Yeah well that's obvious," Goldberg said.



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