06/25/2013 01:54 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2013

Ross Bobby McCoy In Jail After Driving Over Son's Head, Fleeing The Scene

Denver Police arrested a 33-year old man over the weekend for negligent child abuse.

Ross Bobby McCoy had intended to hand the groceries off Friday night to his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Hernandez-Woodall, at a park in Green Valley Ranch, a neighborhood northeast of Denver. Though Woodall has a restraining order against McCoy, he has rights to see his kids, so they often meet at the park, Woodall told 9News.

But after loading his children into the back seat and driving off, one of the boys opened the car door and Zayden, a 1-year-old boy, fell out.

"We were turning the corner, and I heard the door open, and I look back and the door was open and the baby was hanging from the door," Woodall explained to 9News. "So I told Bobby to stop. When I got out, the car was sitting on [the] baby's head. So Bobby had to pull up, for me to get him from under the car."

McCoy then proceeded to flee the scene, leaving his son injured by the side of the road.

Doctors later determined the boy had five skull fractures, several broken bones in his ears, and damage to his right eye. In a Facebook post Sunday, Woodall shared a photo of little Zayden riding a red wagon at Children's Hospital Colorado and noted he's "doing well."