06/26/2013 10:16 am ET

Miami Heat Fans Video Rebuttal Will Choke You Up (VIDEO)

Does Miami deserve the Heat?

The question was asked before the team won their outstanding second consecutive NBA Championship.

And it was asked before 1,000 Heat fans poured out of Game 6 early, missing the Heat's amazing comeback win, thus sealing the city's reputation as fair weather fans.

Well, almost.

The makers of the Pots and Pans La Carreta video last year have come back with a video rebuttal: Don't judge Miami by a mere 1,000 fans.

"As for the team that brought us this great gift, we can only say THANK YOU for your enormous talent and work," the filmmakers write. "Even though the bulk of true Miami Fans sit further back, we hope that you can hear our love and support loud and clear."

Watch above for their video tribute to the fans watching in the top rafters of the arena and the ones on lawn chairs outside, standing, jumping, and cheering on their team.

We dare you not to get choked up at minute 2:20.




Miami Heat Parade 2013