06/26/2013 09:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Thigh Gap' Photoshop Fail Makes A Mockery Of Model's Legs (PHOTO)

Many women seek out figure-slimming jeans, so it makes sense that a brand might manipulate an image to make its model look thinner in them. Still, a recent photo on one company's website appears to have taken Photoshopping too far.

Our keen-eyed friends at Photoshop Disasters spotted something between this model's legs on Tuesday. Examining the back view of Zulily's "Ultra Dark Ideal Ankle Skinny Jeans," a model shows off an awfully wide thigh gap.

We've seen many a Photoshop fail in the past, but this one's especially disturbing for its unfortunate resemblance to the unhealthy, unrealistic trend. The last thing consumers need is a new area to obsess over. What do you think these overzealous airbrushers are trying to remove in the first place?


thigh gap photoshop

UPDATE: A photographer for Zulily contacted HuffPost to say that the site does minimal modifications to images, and that the image appears as it was provided to them.

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