06/26/2013 03:47 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2013

Two Girls, Mother Killed In Pakistan After Home Video Shows Teens Enjoying Rain Shower: Report

Two girls and their mother were reportedly murdered in their home in northern Pakistan after a video showing the teens enjoying a rain shower on the front lawn of their house was circulated, according to Pakistan's Dawn newspaper.

Police said they suspect the girls' stepbrother and four of his friends carried out the killings Sunday night as a way to restore the family's honor, which had supposedly been compromised by the video, Dawn reports. A police source told the outlet that four men have already confessed to the crime, but one suspect remains at large.

Pakistan has seen a number of so-called "honor killings" recently. In March, a Kashmiri couple was arrested after the pair admitted they had killed their daughter with an ax when they found out she was pregnant out of wedlock, police said.

In November, a married couple admitted they killed their daughter by pouring acid on her because she had looked at a boy.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that in 2011, more than 900 women were killed for causing shame to their families, the Telegraph reports. The figure had increased since 2010.



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