06/27/2013 02:51 pm ET

'Detroit (Blank) City' Satire Series Asks The Important Questions In Episode 2 (VIDEO)

"Detroit Blank City", the satiric series that's spoofing the entire city, block by redeveloping block, has returned for a second episode.

In "Detroit Diamond City," it's clear they're not afraid to ask the tough questions.

It's the simple things we've all pondered, like:

  • Isn't there some way to make a profit off the broken glass littering city streets?
  • Is that a yuppie on a bluetooth or a crazy dude talking to himself?
  • Really, where can one park an Audi in the city?

Okay, let's get the extended text of that one, from a Lonely Island-esque rap:

Living in Detroit, man, it's an everyday struggle yo

And I dont know if I can take it dawg

Where am I gonna park my Audi?


'Hey man, when's Whole Foods gonna open'

Stop asking m*********er, I don't give a f**k

Cause I just need the water with the coconut

A new Detroit classic. Watch it above, and check out episode one, "Detroit Pop Up City," at "Detroit (Blank) City's" website.

And one last zinger:

"The EFM has said specifically we need to take advantage of what we have in Detroit. What do we have a lot of, here in Detroit?"
"Parking lots."
"Red tape."
"Sadness, that's why the hipsters like it here so much. Because it makes them sad. But in a good way, like for really good art."




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