06/27/2013 05:10 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2013

Lynda Resnick, POM Wonderful And Fiji Water Co-Owner, Gives Employees Cash To Donate (VIDEO)

She goes by the "POM Queen."

Lynda Resnick, who co-owns POM pomegranate juice and Fiji Water, talked with HuffPost Live Thursday at the Aspen Ideas Festival about the business sector's responsibility to give back.

In addition to her efforts to transform education by introducing a new curriculum in schools around the country, she spoke about ways she's making it possible for others to engage in philanthropy. For example, she provides her employees with up to $1,000 to gift to causes of their own choice, and up to $10,000 in matching funds for personal donations they make to charities.

"We want our employees to feel the thrill of philanthropy the way we do."

The "POM Queen" also discussed reimagined philanthropy initiatives within her company, reshaping the way we think about education and her family that continues to inspire her.

Resnick says her successes have only spurred her to refocus on others. "What do you do when you face those facts about privilege and luck? You have to give back."

Watch their full conversation above, which includes a surprise visit from a special guest.

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