06/27/2013 02:14 pm ET

Scorpion Mating VIDEO: UV Light Reveals Rarely Seen Sexual Behavior

How do deadly scorpions do the deed? It all starts with an intimate tango-like dance -- see for yourself in the scorpion sex tape above.

This rarely seen behavior was recorded in ultraviolet light for the U.K.-based TV series "Micromonsters 3D," hosted by science broadcasting legend David Attenborough.

"New technology allows us the opportunity to explore and experience the complexity and sophistication of this universe in a wholly new way -- as seen here with scorpions," Attenborough said in a written statement.

The UV light reveals the arthropods' every move as the male scorpion grapples with the female in a show of strength. The encounter ends when the male deposits sperm on the ground before gently pulling the female onto it, according to the statement.

The whole mating ritual can take less than an hour -- or as long as a day.



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