06/27/2013 12:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New 'Veronica Mars' Pictures Reveal Movie Spoilers? (PHOTOS)

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"Veronica Mars" fans might not LoVe the latest pictures from the movie set.

Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell -- that's Veronica Mars and Stosh "Piz" Piznarski -- were spotted filming scenes for the movie and looking very much like a couple.

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Rob Thomas, the show's creator who is also the director and writer of the "Veronica Mars" movie, revealed the last case Veronica worked was in the series finale, which ended with Veronica and Piz together.

But this was Veronica and Logan's last interaction:

"In the nine years that have taken place in her life since then, she has not worked a case. In fact, she transferred from Hearst College to Stanford and then from Stanford to Columbia Law School and, as we see her again, she's starting to interview for jobs at big law firms in New York," Thomas told HuffPost TV in March. "She just got out of Columbia. We learn that not only has she not worked a case since then, she's not seen Logan [Jason Dohring] since then. She's certainly kept up with Wallace [Percy Daggs III] and Mac [Tina Majorino] and she sees her dad [Keith played by Enrico Colantoni] as much as she can, but for the most part, she's put Neptune in the rear view mirror. There's something around page 10 of the movie that's going to bring her back to Neptune. It's like a 'Godfather 3' story: No matter how much she thinks she's out, she's going to get pulled back in."

Could Veronica and Piz be living together in New York and he returns with her to Neptune for her 10 year high school reunion?

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The official "Veronica Mars" Twitter account sent out several messages to address fan concerns.

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