06/28/2013 11:18 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2013

Johnny Depp Says He Never Reads Stage Direction On 'The Late Show' (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp has been acting more than half of his 50 years. On the "Late Show," Depp let David Letterman in on the secret to his great performances.

"I never read screen direction," he said. "Which is the stuff that tells you what to do."

Letterman, who couldn't help but laugh, asked, "How can that be possible?"

"Well, I would rather not know what they want me to do," Depp retorted. "I'd rather just figure something out ... I'm just sort of winging it at what I want."

Depp shows off those screen-directionless acting chops as Tonto in the big screen adaptation of "The Lone Ranger," in theaters nationwide on July 3.

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Johnny Depp