06/28/2013 01:37 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2013

Maria Bartiromo, CNBC Anchor, Says Real Success Has Nothing To Do With Money

CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo has committed her career to covering finance, but believes that success has nothing to do with accruing wealth.

After a morning filled with interviewing such powerhouses as former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Bartiromo sat down with HuffPost Live on Friday at the Aspen Ideas Festival to talk about what truly defines success. According to this anchor, chasing cash and a lavish lifestyle won’t necessarily make you feel accomplished.

“It’s not about money. It’s not about stuff,” Bartiromo told HuffPost Live. “When you love what you’re doing…feel good about the person that you are, that’s success.”

Bartiromo also let her viewers in on what makes her feel successful –- spending time with her family, hiking, biking nearly 60 miles over the course of a weekened and helping others.

“There’s something about giving back to people that just makes you feel good,” Bartiromo said. “There’s something about doing something for a group of people that makes you feel like…I made a difference. That’s success.”

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