07/01/2013 12:27 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2013

Baby Elizabeth, 16 Months Old, Swims Across Pool By Herself (VIDEO)

Baby Elizabeth, 16 months old, can barely speak, but she's fluent in swimming. The toddler has belatedly become a viral sensation in footage of her crossing a pool by herself.

The parents, who of course are supervising, note on their YouTube posting that they are both well-versed in water safety and have had Elizbeth trained in an infant self-rescue technique by certified teachers.

One YouTube commenter wasn't convinced. "This scares me on so many levels," she wrote.

But Elizabeth's father, who calls himself Adam BC, notes that Elizabeth is determined and that he and his wife never forced her to swim.

As the video shows, Elizabeth immerses her head as she moves forward, then floats on her back when she gets tired.

While the concept of a child learning to swim so early might appeal to parents concerned about safety, it may not be best for your child -- and can be outright dangerous. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children begin swimming lessons at age 4.

Infants between six and 12 months can learn to hold their breath in case they fall into the water, giving a rescuer additional time. By 19 months many toddlers can stay afloat and even propel forward enough to return to the side of the pool.

But no matter what their age, it is important that parents never force children into water, urges. You might try a parent-child swim class first so they get more comfortable.

Elizabeth is clearly ahead of the curve.

She seems to be a among a new wave of water babies. Infants as young as six weeks are purportedly learning to somersault and dive underwater.

The video of Elizabeth (above) was posted on YouTube in August 2012. After the year of additional training we assume she's had, she could probably best any of us in a swimming race.