07/01/2013 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Miley Cyrus vs. Kat Graham: Who Wore Versace Better? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Bold is the woman who chooses to copy a sexy Miley Cyrus dress -- on the same weekend the singer debuted it, no less. So Kat Graham must be fearless, as the "Vampire Diaries" star wore a vintage Versace outfit that appeared nearly identical to the unstoppable pop star's dress earlier this weekend.

Miley rocked the micro-mini for Saturday's iHeart Radio Pool Party in Miami, while Kat dressed up for Sunday night's BET Awards. Spotting the differences between the dresses was challenging at first, though we later realized Miley's version of Versace features a collar detail and a far higher hemline, and copyKat's has fewer cutouts and pockets at the hips.

Compare the two beauties below. Who wore the look best?


miley cyrus


kat graham

This thing happens all the time:

Who Wore It Better?

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