07/01/2013 04:47 pm ET

President Obama May Have Discovered South Africa's Next Big Rapper On South Africa Trip

In between making speeches and meeting the family of Nelson Mandela, President Obama may have discovered hip-hop’s newest star during his recent tour of South Africa.

Obama was visiting the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre when he met Aviwe Mtongan, a 15-year-old who identified himself as a rapper. Mtongan soon got up and rapped for the President, displaying his skills without a hint of anxiety or stage fright. After all, it’s not like he was personally performing for the leader of the free world or anything.

While Obama seemed pleased with the performance (he suggested Mtongan “drop the mic” afterward), we can only hope that it inspired him enough to put in a good word with his rapping pal Jay-Z.

Mtongan, we hope to see your name on the next song out of Roc-a-fella Records.

(Hat tip, Jezebel)



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