07/02/2013 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cosby Sweater Tournament: Vote For Your Favorite 'Cosby Show' Look


Bill Cosby's sweaters are an American treasure. For eight years on "The Cosby Show," Cliff Huxtable redefined '80s (and future ironic hipster) style with fantastic, ridiculous and transcendent knit garments that have left a lasting cultural legacy.

Now, Bill Cosby's official website has launched an online tournament to anoint the greatest Cosby sweater of all-time. In an online bracket comprised of 32 sweaters in 4 divisions (The Cardigans, The Pullovers, The Argyles, and The Cashmeres), fans can vote for their favorite Cosby sweater ever.

The sweater tournament has 5 rounds, whose names are reminiscent of the rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament: The Crew 32, The Sweat 16, The Fleecy 8, The Warmest 4 and The Champion Stich.

Voting is currently in The Crew 32 stage, and will advance to the Sweat 16 in less than two days. Check out the bracket below, and head over to to get your votes in now!

cosby sweater bracket