07/02/2013 02:50 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan's Fornarina Commercial Is Too Strange To Be True (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan's descent has been widely documented, thanks to the veritable treasure trove that is the Internet.

As such, we're fortunate enough to come across some pretty bizarre moments in the star's career -- like her commercial for fashion company Fornarina. Back in 2009, amidst her DUI scandal, Lindsay landed a deal with the Italian brand. The campaign images were normal enough, but the television commercial was... different.

"Young, beautiful, eclectic, with great talent and a great personality, Lindsay Lohan immediately appeared as one of the few in the showbiz able to represent the glamorous style of Fornarina," a brand representative said of the actress at the time.

Having second thoughts, Fornarina? In honor of Lindsay's birthday today (July 2), we're recirculating this fantastic commercial.


How we got here:

You've Come A Long Way, Lindsay

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