07/02/2013 01:21 pm ET

Michael Bloomberg Backs Bill Daley: NYC Mayor Weighs In On Illinois Governor's Race (VIDEO)

Why is a New York mayor talking to you about the next governor of Illinois?

In a video released Monday (embedded), New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg asks — and then answers — that very question in his endorsement of Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley.

"I know him as a strong leader who tells it like it is and gets things done," Bloomberg says in the video.

As a politician with both pull and deep pockets, a Bloomberg endorsement could be as big of a boon for Daley's campaign as it was for Rep. Robin Kelly; during the special election to fill the seat of disgraced congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., Bloomberg's Super PAC spent more than $1 million in ads both endorsing Kelly — who favors strict gun control — and running attacks on Kelly's more pro-gun competitors.

Bloomberg noted his personal beliefs that favor gun control in the video while assuring that as governor, Daley would fight for "common sense" gun laws.

If recent polls are any indication, Daley may have to rely on the weight of names like Bloomberg since his own may be a liability in the race. According to the Sun-Times, a new poll indicates 40 percent of those surveyed were less likely to vote for Daley, knowing his brother, Richard, was once mayor of Chicago (and the poll says nothing of their father, long-serving Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley.)

The poll also indicated family ties could hurt rumored candidate Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan; Madigan's father is Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan.

Also Monday, Daley told reporters state politicians should be barred from campaign fundraising any day the legislature is in session. According to WBEZ, Daley, who has never held an elected office, called the current policy "a joke."

"If the legislature’s in session on a Tuesday, on Monday everybody can raise money in Sangamon County, but they can’t raise it on Tuesday. This is a joke. This is ridiculous.”



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