07/02/2013 05:47 am ET

'Mistresses': Savi Decides To Come Clean To Harry About Her Affair (VIDEO)

Savi had been struggling with her unplanned pregnancy on "Mistresses," but this week things took a turn toward the more complicated when Harry started to suspect that she was expecting. He pushed her to take a pregnancy test, but when she went in the bathroom to figure out her next move, she realized she was bleeding.

Fearing she'd lost the baby caused her to realize that she definitely wanted it. The doctor, however, warned her that she needed to make some changes in her person life to reduce her stress levels if she wanted a better chance of having a healthy delivery.

So she decided to come clean. She went home and told Harry the news -- all of it. “I’m pregnant, Harry," she said. "But it might not be yours.”

BuddyTV was stunned that she'd drop that bombshell with so much uncertainty in the air. She still didn't have the results of the paternity test which would have determined who the father was. “Did Savi do the right thing in giving Harry the whole, unvarnished truth?" wondered TVLine. " They further wondered if the couple's marriage could survive this revelation.

Fans will have to come back next week for Harry's reaction on "Mistresses," airing Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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