07/02/2013 07:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

21 Signs That It's Time To Leave Your Job (PHOTOS)

1. You've outgrown the collegiate office atmosphere you once loved.

2. And have completely and utterly mastered the art of pretending to work.

Almost time to leave work...blarbalarbaghlarbagh

3. Like, in reality, you're doing maybe 30 minutes of "real work" per day.

Bored at work, taking Up/Down -vote .gif requests

4. So little work, in fact, you're a little worried people are on to you.

when the product manager enters the office

5. But honestly, whatever dude. The job sucks.

friday morning at the office

6. No one here understands your technological brilliance.

7. You realized that the day they gave the freakin' 22-year-old Brown grad the promotion you rightfully deserved.

As a person in my 20's this is how I feel about my 16 year old sister's friends

8. Damn you, 22-year-old Brown grad!

Coworkers are trying to drag me into office drama

9. Wait, they just gave the 21-year-old Cornell kid a promotion too!?!?

MRW someone engages the office loudmouth in conversation.


Finally Googled username + gif... The fuck?

11. And there's another meeting about "2015 goals"!? It's not even 2014 yet.

Me sitting through a boring meeting...

12. Not to mention co-workers don't even pretend to care about your b-day anymore.

13. But if we're being honest, you stopped caring what they think too.

MRW I'm alone in the elevator at the office.

14. All you care about are the free donuts.

15. No donuts? Looks like it's another day of who-gives-a-crap food then.

16. Because you've already been to every freakin' lunch spot within a 100-mile radius.

This McDonalds app is a lifesaver

17. And can't deal with "cool lunchbox" guy for a single extra day.


18. "NO ONE COME NEAR ME. I HATE YOU ALL." <-- You, everyday

I want to take one of these to work for rude customers.

19. Seriously, even the printer has decided it's time to go.

20. And you literally know every single spot to sneak a nap in the office.

21. And you already know exactly how you want to quit.

So considering all that, it's probably time to go.

I get to quit my job today!



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