07/03/2013 02:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

1958's 'House Of The Year': Back Then, $50,000 Could Buy You A Modern Home (PHOTO)

Those of us who have been eyeing the real estate market have been noticing the unfortunate trend of rising home prices. You can blame the market, blame house flippers and blame rising interest rates until you're blue in the face, but we all knew that it was inevitable.

Let's pause a minute, though, to consider that prices weren't always so ridiculous. As seen in the advertisement below, the 1958 "House Of The Year" by Scholz Homeswould only set you back, at most, $50,000.

Flickr photo by MidCentArc

Since it appears that we're talking about house plans, this most likely doesn't include the cost of land.

Of course, $50,000 was quite a sum back then -- the Dollar Times inflation calculator says that this amount would be the same as roughly $404,227.11 (precisely) in 2013 dollars.

Maybe we were all just meant to rent.

(Kidding, but lately it feels that way.)

If you can handle the space limitations, tiny homes offer an affordable path to homeownership.

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