07/03/2013 10:56 am ET Updated Sep 02, 2013

From The Motor City To The Emerald City: 28 Hours In Seattle - Fox 2 News Headlines


No wonder Charles Pugh chose Seattle. It's a vibrant, laid back city surrounded by snow capped mountains, sparkling blue water and people, lots of people. And it couldn't feel further from Detroit.

I was home in LA, taking a few days away from the dizzying pace of Detroit news, when I got a call from Charlie LeDuff. "Hey Kid," he said, " Pugh's in Seattle! You're in LA. Why not hop a flight and go find him?" The assignment sounded like a wild goose chase, but it also sounded like fun, so of course, I was ready to go. Early Sunday morning, I boarded a flight to Seattle. I had no hotel room, no return ticket, just a suitcase and a mission.

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