07/03/2013 08:24 am ET

Mariano Rivera Presented With Broken Bat Chair By Twins (VIDEO/PHOTO)

In Game Of Thrones' Westeros, the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms sits on the Iron Throne, forged from the swords of vanquished foes. In Minnesota, MLB's king of the ninth inning received a wooden throne constructed of broken bats on Tuesday.

That sounds about right.

With New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera making his final regular-season trip to Minnesota before retirement, the Twins paid tribute to the pitcher whose cutter has shattered countless bats over the years. Manager Ron Gardenhire, first baseman Justin Morneau and pitcher Glen Perkins presented Rivera with a unique wooden rocking chair on behalf of the Twins before the first pitch at Target Field on Tuesday.

"We call this the chair of broken dreams," Gardenhire told Rivera while presenting the gift, via the Star Tribune. "And you broke most of them."