07/03/2013 01:33 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2013

Mark Wahlberg Scores Touchdown Off QB Devin Gardner's Pass While Visiting University Of Michigan (PHOTOS)

Mark Wahlberg: singer, actor, football player?! Not quite, but when the star visited the University of Michigan football team Wednesday, he apparently had no trouble scoring a touchdown.

"Touchdown Wahlberg with a dime from yours truly!!" tweeted Wolverines quarterback Devin Gardner. An Instagram video posted by Gardner backs it up, showing he wasn't just covering for his new, famous friend.

In fact, it might be the other way around. In another of Gardner's videos, Wahlberg appears to bet him $500 to kick a 50-yard field goal. From the looks of Gardner's kick, he might need more than the three tries Wahlberg offered.

To be fair, Wahlberg had had some practice, if his touchdown in "Invincible" counts for anything.

Wahlberg is likely in Michigan for "Transformers 4", which the Detroit News reports will resume filming next week. Wahlberg said his part in the movie is "the most important role of [his] career."



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