07/03/2013 01:23 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Selena Gomez Tears Up After 'Come And Get It' Becomes First No. 1 Single (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez is No. 1 -- and she can’t believe it.

On Monday, the actress and singer was given the (evidently) unexpected news that her “Come And Get It” single had reached the No. 1 spot on the charts, a first for the star. After reaching a milestone in her singing career, Selena tweeted her fans and included a video of her tearful reaction upon hearing the news for the first time.

The YouTube video, uploaded by the star, shows the moment SelGo is shown the charts and begins to skeptically ask: “I did it?” I got my first No. 1? Are you kidding me?”

In complete disbelief, the 20-year-old star throws herself into a chair as she begins to tear up at the news.

“I didn’t think I’d do it. I didn’t think I would,” Gomez says in the video with a shaky voice. (Check Out The Video Above)

At the end of the clip, the starlet addresses fans, explaining why this accomplishment was so important to her.

“Hey guys so today I got some really really exciting news,” Gomez said. “ I actually got my first No. 1. I’ve done four records and this is the first No. 1 that I’ve ever had so I cannot thank you guys enough.”

The achievement comes just weeks before SelGo’s new album “Stars Dance,” in stores on July 23, is scheduled to come out.

Check out Selena’s emotional reaction above.



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