07/04/2013 12:05 pm ET

11 State Dogs To Celebrate The 4th Of July (PHOTOS)

From Vetstreet's Shayna Meliker:

On July 4th we celebrate all things American — and one of the most American things we can think of are our dogs.

Almost 50 years ago, Maryland became the first state to pick an official dog: its native Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Since then, campaigns to designate certain breeds as state symbols have come from all over — even a kindergarten classroom in Alaska. And not all state dogs are fancy breeds: The state dog of Texas isn't recognized by the AKC, and just this year Colorado's governor signed into law a bill declaring dogs and cats adopted from shelters as that state's official pets.

Browse through our gallery to find out if your state has an official dog. And if it doesn't, tell us in the comments what you think it should be!

List and captions courtesy of Vetstreet.

11 State Dogs To Celebrate This Fourth Of July
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