07/05/2013 05:47 pm ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

Rachel Bilson Thinks She Was 'A Dumb Ass' In Her 'OC' Days


Rachel Bilson shot to fame as Summer Roberts on "The O.C.," but in hindsight, the actress has some regrets.

In a recent interview with British Cosmopolitan (via Hollywood Life), Bilson admitted that her behavior during the show wasn't the best. "I didn’t have any idea how much ‘The O.C.’ would change my life," she said. "I thought I knew everything, but now I look back and think, ‘You were a dumb ass! What was your problem?’”

Co-star Tate Donovan previously said that his on-screen daughter Mischa Barton and the rest of the young "O.C." cast were difficult to work with. "They all started out great. The first year those kids were fantastic, and then, they just … all of them just fell apart,“ he told Bravo's Andy Cohen. “When you first get fame, you get so insecure … that you just become a ding-dong … and they did, but they’re maturing. They’re working, and not working. They’re learning their lessons.”

Bilson now stars on The CW's "Hart of Dixie," while the rest of the cast is working on other projects. Mischa Barton recently told The Daily Beast that she too has changed since her "O.C." days. “I’ve evolved a lot,” she said. “I’m a lot older now. Not a lot older, but time’s passed. I think in your 20s, all your years are quite formative. I’m sure I’m quite different.”

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