07/08/2013 01:41 pm ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

Anand Giridharadas And Arianna Huffington Discuss Women's Advantages In The Workforce (VIDEO)

This is the one time when being late to work is a good thing.

At the Aspen Ideas Festival, Arianna Huffington sat down with New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas and discussed the fact that women's greatest advantage in the workforce and in high-level positions could be that they are, historically speaking, late to the party. Their overdue arrival places women in an important position to see what has been missing and to suggest methods of improvement, they pointed out.

"The advantage that women have is that they are late to the game of being in Fortune 500 CEO positions and in Congress," he told Arianna during a conversation about women's role in redefining success around a "Third Metric" beyond money and power. "And by being late you have the opportunity to evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t and style yourself according to the current reality.”

In a recent New York Times article, Giridharadas reported that Arianna and Mika Brzezinski's recent Third Metric conference exemplified this potentially advantageous late perspective and the modifications it could bring about to the work environment.

"At a high-powered gathering in a Manhattan drawing room this month, several dozen women (and a few men) discussed what some ambitiously billed as a new wave of the women’s movement," he wrote. "If the first waves sought to secure women seats at the table, this purported new wave was framed as a logical next step: an attempt to reimagine what goes on at the table, now that some women are sitting there."



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