07/08/2013 10:45 am ET

Your Official List Of New Life Milestones


Career? Working on it. Babies? Maybe. Property? In this economy? Marriage? Eh? It's not news that women are dismissing trad-life milestones faster than you can say arrested development. While this hasn't been totally anxiety-free — how will we know when we've actually grown up!? — it should be viewed for what it is: Progress. Freedom. More Choice. Where there are looser expectations, there is greater room to flourish on our own terms. Best part? Not having to feel bad about it.

Hello, agency. Hello, redefining your own personal idea of success on your own terms. Hello, living a life that moves by the rhythms of your own maturity, ambitions, development, experience, needs, desires, and not based on some arbitrary idea that if you're not married with a kid and a dude by 38, covered in cat hair while shopping the frozen sperm aisle in the grocery store. Which could be really with the right cat hair, actually.

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