07/08/2013 05:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John D. Rockefeller Was The Biggest Baller EVER

Today (July 8th) is John D. Rockefeller's birthday. He was the richest person in history, with an estimated worth of $340 billion adjusted for today's inflation. He was also the biggest baller ever.

Here are 10 reasons Rockefeller always went hard to the paint:

1) He constantly gave people money while walking the streets. Like all the time. He'd give dimes to men, nickels to children, and dimes to his wealthy rivals in a slam-dunk sort of move.


2) He gave $80 million to the University of Chicago when it was just a small institution, helping to make it the prestigious institution it is today. Quite the assist.

rockefeller cathedral

3) At the time of his death, his wealth added up 1.5% of the total United States GDP. He had $1.4 billion while US GDP was $92 billion. Kobe!


4) Speaking of Kobe, he could have bought the Los Angeles Lakers 340 times.


5) His whole life was a holiday. These were the words he penned to sum up his life.

I was early taught to work as well as play,
My life has been one long, happy holiday;
Full of work and full of play—
I dropped the worry on the way—
And God was good to me everyday.

6) If it weren't for his wealth, we never would have had "30 Rock."

7) He lived to be 97 years old. The good might die young but ballers live forever a long time.


8) He was the first American billionaire.

9) One of his first major donations helped to fund an Atlanta college for African-American women that later became Spelman. Not all of his donations were to the Ivy League, although he did that too, giving to Yale, Harvard, Brown, and Columbia.


10) His son basically built the modern-Colonial Williamsburg with the Rockefeller money. Colonials might not have had basketball, but as you can see in this video, they were still pretty baller themselves.





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