07/09/2013 08:19 am ET

Yoda Pig: Forehead Of Pig Named 'Ramona Flowers' Looks Like 'Star Wars' Character

If J.J. Abrams decides to set any of his upcoming "Star Wars" films on a farm, a pig from Tijuana, Mexico, could be hammy enough to play a role.

The pig, named "Ramona Flowers," has an amazing resemblance to Yoda when she furrows her bushy brow.

Luis Bojorquez, 34, deserves the credit for making "Ramona Flowers" a popular Internet poster-pig. He is a relative of the pig's owner and posted the photos online.

"It was my wife’s cousin that first noticed her head after she took a few pictures of Ramona," Bojorquez said, according to the Metro. "It looks just like Yoda’s face and I was really surprised that I had never noticed it before."

It's especially surprising considering that Bojorquez is somewhat of a pop culture junkie. He named the two-year-old oinker after a character in the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels because she "has a feisty but fun nature, just like in the comics," he said, according to

Many people -- and, possibly, animals -- might like to be compared to an iconic character like Yoda, but Bojorquez is afraid to mention it to Ramona Flowers, for fear she might go hog wild.

"I'm not so sure she would like the comparison as we've always thought of her as a spoilt princess and if she found out it might make her have one of her infamous temper tantrums," he said, the Sun reported.

Ramona Flowers isn't the first animal to resemble Yoda.

Last October, scientists discovered a reddish-purple worm about 1.5 miles beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean that has large lips on either side of its head region. It reminded researchers of the floppy-eared Stars Wars character so much that the experts named it Yoda purpurata, or "purple Yoda."

Yoda's name was also given to the 2011 winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest at the Sonoma Marin Fair for her short tufts of hair, protruding tongue, and long, seemingly hairless legs.



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