07/09/2013 10:30 am ET

Boeing 777 Crash Video Shows Detail Of Plane Evacuation

A new HD video of the Boeing 777 plane crash at San Francisco's SFO airport Saturday shows passengers' evacuation in alarming detail.

The video captures the immediate aftermath of the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 as passengers exit via inflatable slides and run from the burning plane. Rescue vehicles are seen speeding toward the jet.

Flight 214 crashed while landing on July 6 after clipping a sea wall before the runway. The National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday the plane was flying below target speed and that a call to abort the landing was made just 1.5 seconds before impact. On Monday, a spokesman for Asiana Airlines said the plane's pilot, Lee Kang-kook, was training for long-range flights and was making his first landing at SFO in a 777.

A short clip of the video of the evacuation is available above. (Warning: Contains strong language). Watch the full 12-minute HD video on PWNDTROLL's YouTube page. PWNDTROLL also has a 14-minute HD video of the plane catching fire, which happened later.

SFO Plane Crash