07/09/2013 02:55 pm ET

Charlie Day's Thomas' Bagels Commercial From Hell (VIDEO)

Charlie Day now has a hit TV show and movie franchise under his belt, but the road to where he is now wasn't always so easy.

During his interview on "The Tonight Show," Day opened up about one of his most hellish jobs ever, a Thomas' Bagel commercial.

"I never received more acting direction than I would get in some of these [commercials]," Day said of his early TV spots. "Even this Guillermo del Toro movie I just did was nothing compared to this Thomas' bagel commercial I did ... I had like two lines, maybe one line, but the final line of the commercial was, 'Thomas makes great bagels.' ... Here I am thinking I nailed it and the director would come over and be like ... 'Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. I don't know how to say this, but are you connecting with Thomas?'"

Day joked that they got up to take 109 on the commercial. "Eventually, I was just sick of it and did a super smiley, over-the-top [take], which, of course, is pretty much what they used," he said.

Watch Day's Thomas' bagel commercial above.

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