07/09/2013 12:22 pm ET

'Volunteers' Try To Find Fix The Debt Group Chapter In Virginia, End Up At House

The group Social Security Works released a video showing a group of "volunteers" trying to find the Virginia headquarters of Fix The Debt. They ended up at what appears to be a private home. The video suggests that the group does not have a physical presence in the state.

In addition, Fix The Debt Virginia lost a member of its steering committee, Delegate Ken Plum (D-Fairax), after hearing concerns about the potential impacts of the group's spending cut proposals, according to an email shared with The Huffington Post.

The group, co-created by Erskine Bowles and former Sen. Alan Simpson, advocates for a bipartisan solution for debt reduction, and lists chapters in 23 states. Simpson and Bowles chaired a commission created by President Barack Obama on deficit reduction, but the commission fell short of a supermajority needed to send its proposal to Congress.

Many of its biggest backers are Republicans or allied with Republicans. Members of the campaign's CEO Fiscal Leadership Council have argued in favor of cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to close the deficit.



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