07/09/2013 01:05 pm ET

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer: Gameplay, Wrinkles Of Los Santos Revealed In Footage

Ready to take a trip to Los Santos?

The latest trailer for Rockstar Games' heavily anticipated "Grand Theft Auto V" premiered online on Tuesday, and the nearly 5-minute long trailer is the public's first look at the title's in-game footage. The addition to the GTA franchise is the first since "Grand Theft Auto IV" in 2008, making for the longest gap ever between games in the series.

Set in Los Santos, a fictional city in southern California which takes on traits of Los Angeles, "Grand Theft Auto V" has a few wrinkles new to the GTA universe. For the first time, the game will have not one, but three main characters that the player can switch between in their free time wandering the city or while completing missions. Though the three character system was hinted at in previous trailers, the gameplay trailer fleshes out how gamers can switch between Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Set around a series of increasingly risky heists, gamers can not only assemble their own criminal crew, but go about each robbery with a different strategy. One scene in the trailer shows a jewelry store heist done quietly using gas through a ventilation system, while another scene shows the heist done with helmets and guns.

The money gained from missions can be used for a wide variety of customization options for your character including tattoos, clothing and cars. Players can also invest money in the stock market or in Los Santos real estate. Other features showcased in the trailer include cycling, golf, tennis, base jumping, flying and hunting in addition to simply adventuring out on your own and exploring every nook and cranny of Los Santos.

The game will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17. There is no word yet on if the game will hit PC or new consoles made by Microsoft and Sony, for sale later this year.



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