07/09/2013 10:10 am ET

Jay-Z's 'Dead Presidents 3' Debuted By Young Guru And Just Blaze After Extended Twitter Chat

Jay-Z switched things up on Monday, using his rarely utilized Twitter page for an ongoing chat with fans. The seven-hour session had Hova talking everything from Cap'n Crunch to "Magna Carta Holy Grail," which he called his fourth best album after 1996's "Reasonable Doubt," 2001's "The Blueprint," and 2003's "The Black Album."

At one point during Jay-Z's unexpected social media spree, a fan asked the 43-year-old rapper if there was a finished version of "Dead Presidents III," a track Jay-Z recorded years ago. He responded, giving two producers, Just Blaze and Young Guru, the go-ahead to release the full version.

Jay-Z reportedly recorded "DP3" while working on his 2007 album, "American Gangster." The track was a nod to the rapper's earliest work with his debut 1996 single, "Dead Presidents."

While Young Guru took to Twitter to post the finished song soon after Jay-Z gave his permission, Just Blaze referenced a 2007 leak of "DP3," insinuating that the song had already been leaked in full. Check out Blaze's tweets on the matter below and listen to the version of "Dead Presidents III" that Young Guru posted above.

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